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At SoundPhotographics, I employ a variety of technologies to bring your vision to life.


For your real estate needs I offer industry standard HDR photography - capturing each room exactly as your eye sees it, with no need for additional lighting. HDR photography is a very efficient process that produces stunning results. On all HDR images I offer next day turnaround. Rush options as quick as 12-hour turnaround are available as well.

My video work is done with professional DSLR equipment, motorized gimbal systems, and camera sliders to produce dramatic, silky smooth movement, and Hollywood-style depth-of-field shots.

I'm also a licensed drone operator. Need to show off your well-manicured grounds and acreage? Or proximity to schools or major shopping districts? What about mountain views and waterfront only visible from the sky? Drone imagery is quickly becoming a must for real estate agents that want their listings to stand out from the crowd.


  • Clean, bright, and sharp.

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    1 hr 30 min

    Prices Vary
  • My eye in the sky showcases a whole new side of your home.

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    1 hr

    Prices Vary
  • Great for capturing the essence and emotion of a home.

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    3 hr

    Prices Vary

HDR Photography

HDR Photography pricing begins with a $75 base fee, plus $10 per completed HDR Image. A typical shoot with 15 completed HDR Images would be $225, plus tax. Aerial Images can be added for an additional $75 base fee, plus $10 per completed image. For example, a shoot with 15 completed HDR Images plus 3 Aerial Images would cost $330, plus tax. Travel and Rush fees may apply.


Travel fees are $1 per mile outside of a 15-mile range from downtown Seattle. A shoot 22 miles from downtown Seattle will cost an additional $22. Rush by 9am the following morning costs $25. 12-hour rush is $50.

Aerial Photos and Video

Aerial Photos and Video can be ordered individually or bundled with other services as a package. Individually, Aerial Photos begin with a $125 base rate, plus $10 per photo. A shoot with 4 completed photos would cost $165, plus tax. Aerial Photos ordered as part of a package with HDR photography or an HD Video receive a $50 discount - the base rate is $75 instead of $125.


A short 1-2 minute aerial video can be ordered starting at $250, plus tax. A video can be bundled with other services for a $50 discount as well.

HD Video

HD Video can be ordered starting at $500. A typical video is 2-5 minutes and includes a walkthrough of the interior and exterior of the home, with a focus on the home's highlights. We can add music or narration. I use a slider and motorized gimbal for silky smooth movement and stunning depth-of-field shots. Video is a great way to capture the feel of moving through the house, and it creates an emotional resonance with your buyer that you just can't get with still photos alone. Got an inspired idea for your movie? Want to incorporate actors or multiple locations? Let's talk and make your vision a reality. I am totally flexible and love to work outside the box.

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